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What's new?

  • Two Factor Authentication
    • To get started with " Two Factor Authentication " (when logged in) - Click your name in the menu bar, then "MyLogins", then the [Security] tab.
    • When enabled, you'll be prompted for a secret code (by SMS or " Google Authenticator ") to complete each login.
  • Password policy updated
    • Please note, the requirements for a new password have changed slightly;
    • Also a blacklist filter is now used to reduce the risk of your new myAdventist password being one already known to hackers.
  • Login + "Add to recent"
    • This new checkbox on the login form enables you to prevent your logins being remembered on a public or shared device.

Having trouble logging in?

  • If you see errors when trying to log in, please click to visit this page: Cookies (then click "Clear cookies")
  • If you still have trouble, please let us know by emailing [email protected].